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H100i weird pump rpm


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Hello everyone.


I installed the H100i around 18 month's ago, I have it attached to the Fx-8350 stock settings.


I've noticed over the last few months that my pump rpm has been jumping around a bit - I haven't touched inside the case for a while and there is hardly any dust in the radiator/fans. Before the h100i fluid would be 29/30C but idle it's hovering around 37/38C.

When the cpu is under 75% load to h100i fluid has been hitting 50C while the cpu has been hovering around the same. Before though the fluid wouldn't go past 35C but the weirdest thing is the pump rpm.


It use to sit at 2261rpm all the time - didn't move at all, but i've noticed it drop alot. It'll drop down to 2050 and then work back up to full speed, sometimes it'll drop to 2140 and do the same but it's always cycling through a drop every 10-15seconds.


So I'm a little worried that it may be starting to fail, if the pump rpm wasn't moving I would replace the thermal material on the block but I think the pump is playing up.


Many thanks.

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