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This Corsair 230T came without a side panel but had one carved into it and a transparent green piece of plexi glass became the window.. The case was given a green and purple colour scheme resembling the Joker’s suit. The internals have been overhauled with a much more unified theme including a GPU upgrade with a custom paint job.




A hole was cut into the top of the case so that the Corsair H105 could be mounted externally and a Batman alarm clock was turned into the trigger for the bomb that’s assembled on top. The ‘MR J’ lettering and playing cards are 3D printed.




Specs of the system are as follows:

Intel i7 4790K

Corsair H105

Asus Strix 970 4gb

G-skill Sniper 32gb 1600Mhz

Cougar 850W semi modular PSU

ASUS Sabertooth Mark 2 1150

Cablemod Cables

Corsair SP-120 Fans





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I see that you seem to paint a lot of your rigs. I wanted to do this so there are a couple questions.


1.What is the best way to paint/spray the cases?

2. What brand or type of paint are you using?

3. If you're feeling generous please do a "how-to".


greatly appreciate the effort for posting threads like this.

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