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Corsair Air 540 third drive mounting suggestions


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First thanks for the great members and the forum. I lurked and read for a while before joining.


Second- Great case and power supply from Corsair.... great equipment! I ve been a builder for 20 years - Corsair is excellent!


Question- I run Linux and have 3 drives to evaluate and trial various distros. I have not installed the third drive in the case yet because I cant figure out a good way to do it. The drive sleds are full with the first 2 drives. Where would be a good place to mount the third drive. They are all spinning drives, not SSD's.


Any help or suggestions deeply appreciated




Quito Ecuador

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The 5.25 bay option is ideal and you can even make it a 3rd hot-swap.


I've been considering buying this .. http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=305&area=en .. for quite a while now, a perfect solution for my 3rd drive and a better hot-swap placement so that i do not have to remove the side window every time i want to access an array of other drives i have.

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