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SSD 60GB Corsair Force & LS BSOD ISSUE


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May I know if do we have a bad batch of this kind of SSD? We always encounter BSOD with an error of "KERNEL DATA" for almost half a year. Our troubleshooting for this kind of error are to upgrade drivers, upgrade firmware, detect mini dumb(ALWAYS KERNEL PAGE ERROR) and the last is to reformat again the PC. Many of the SSD our company bought that have encounter many times of this kind of error have a serial number that start with 151.. (Ex.) 151281110001024715AE. Our desktop service unit is DELL 3020 with Intel Core i5 4590, Sounthbridge - Intel H81, AMD Radeon R5 240, 8GB RAM. PLease help me on this. Thank you.
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Does the BSOD show any other useful informastion e.g. a driver that has caused the BSOD?

Have you tried changing the page file to a different drive or turning it off? Does it change anything?

Do you have the latest BIOS, chipset drivers, Windows updates, etc?


You can also contact Corsair Technical support by submitting a ticket here;


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Kernel Page error or STOP : 0x0000007A is commonly error that has always encountered in our service unit operation.


For the Page file setting, It's already configured as System Managed. We can't move the page file to another driver coz it's not partition to another driver.

We have only 60GB requirement for our operation only. We can't also disable the page file coz when we disable it, some of excel files use by our employees will experience low memory even though it has 8GB memory installed.

FYI, our operation is opening many excel file, browsers, and websites so disabling of pagefile on us is not recommended.


When We experience BSOD, our work around on this is to update all the drivers of the computer including the firmware of the BIOS.

But still BSOD occurs with the same error.


I already sent ticket to them but still I received no response to them.

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