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K65 rgb problems

Richard Easton

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The software for cue updated last week and ever since every time I started my PC since, my keyboard freezes and only way to get keyboard to work is to unplug and re plug in my keyboard. Got in contact with corsair who told me to change legacy and full usb initialisation in bios, did that. Got told to uninstall and reinstall cue, did that. Changed how the keyboard was plugged in, did that. Still no difference, every time I powered off PC then restart, keyboard crashed. Got back in contact with support whom this time said update the bios. Went to gigabyte site used their tool to update to latest bios. PC restarted, crashed and restarted over and over, it gave a message said Windows was repairing itself but just rebooted shortly afterwards over and over. Got in touch with where PC was purchased from they told me to load original bios on another PC to a usb drive. Did that, but you can't just roll back bios apparently. Got back in contact with CCL who went through some bios settings with me. Restarted and exactly same stuck in a loop. They then said put Windows disc in, tried that but every time I get to the point where it says press any key to install Windows from disc the keyboard doesn't work, it does in bios mode but not outside of. So that's that idea gone only thing left to me was return PC for repair, which can take up to 14 days. So now no pc. Went to inform corsair and update my ticket on a iPad and you can't even access past tickets on a mobile, the page gets blocked out by corsairs security. Totally sucks. Anybody know who to contact at corsair for help? Not their customer support staff though they haven't helped in anyway so far and I can't access any replies from them until PC repaired.

Also the keyboard was kind of ok before cue update. Every now and again it wouldn't detect the keyboard, or cue would just refuse to work. Also keyboard wouldn't work if I restarted PC without removing power supply in between. Is this all my own fault for taking notice when they (corsair) said update the bios. Gigabyte say not to unless you're having problems. Is a dodgy keyboard a good enough reason to update bios on a newish (under 12 months) PC? The company that built my PC and are now trying to repair it say not. They also mentioned I could of blown my motherboard is this correct?

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