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Hello, I just joined the forums but have been a fan of Corsair products for a while now. I just completed painting and assembly of my new PC build and I wanted to include it here. I had the metal parts of my case, powder coated an Army Green and the plastic parts were either the matching green or a contrast color of Desert Tan. My system components are:


I7 6700k

Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 6

32gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 LPX RAM, 3000mhz

R9 295x2


Samsung 850 PRO 256 gb SSD for my OS

Samsung 850 EVO 1tb SSD for my Games

Windows 10 Home 64bit

Sabre rgb mouse

K70 RGB keyboard






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Hi, why you didn't embed your pictures? So it's not a show, it's work to see something. :D




PS: drag & drop will help and resize the pictues to a width of 800px

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CFn3365, its best to upload the file to imgur then use the same syntax it would load up the picture instead of hyperlink


But if he use the onboard function to upload pictures, then it isn't necessary to use imgur. ;)


@cfn3365 your try to show pictures with embedded methode ()%20was%20faulty,%20cause%20you%20used%20a%20path%20to%20your%20local%20filesystem.%20If%20you%20quote%20my%20answer,%20you%20will%20see%20the%20correctly%20code.





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