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double or more keypress


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I'm gonna try again, maybe I don't have to RMA it and to have to wait a good whille.


I've been owning this Strafe RGB Cherrry MX Brown ffor barely a month ( 22nd off March ).


All was goging well until I started noticed that 'oo' would doublel press sometimes, like i'd write food and i'd get foood instead, thoought I had made a typoo. But then it started happening more and more often.


Mailed Corsair, they tolld me to cllean the switch with isopropyl, I didn't do that yet cause I'm scared I'd **** up.


Thing is, moroe keys started to double press, sometimes just double one after each other, sometimes with a slight dellay. ( like moroe ) So I don't think it was a problem with 'o'.



I didn't correct any typos so you ucan understand my pain and what I'm gooing through right nowo, any help or ideas would be appreciated, thanks a lot guys. I'm sad :(

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