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Funky SMART data with Voyager GTX


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A 256gb GTX has been owned by me for only about a week. During that week, I've exposed it to several types of stress-testing that I've also done with other drives as an evaluation process. At most, I've written several hundred GB, maybe half a TB. However, SMART data using CrystalDiskInfo showed me having written over 300 TB just a few hours into use...a few days later, its close to 800,000,000 GB. Obviously this is wrong.


If this is what I think it is, then all is well. Please LMK if this explanation sounds correct. As the GTX uses a controller generally used with SSDs, this combo can cause some confusion with programs that pull SMART data and other statistics from the drive as they tend to look at USB drives and SSDs in a different light. The written statistic, which suggests I have now written almost an exabyte, is actually in LBAs and CrystalDiskInfo is not using the correct unit of measurement.


While an incorrect unit of measurement is not going to ruin my career, flush a few billion dollars down the crapper, and leaves the entire world thinking that I'm a complete idiot, verifying this is still good, nonetheless.




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