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Strange behavior after using macro keys


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Hello Everyone,

I have assigned the G1 - G6 macros with L Ctrl or L Alt in most combinations.

After I use any of the macro keys, either the L Ctrl or the L Alt stays engaged for some reason.

I verified this with Switch Hitter.

It will show either the L Ctrl or L Alt key in the down position.

If I reboot the PC, everything is fine until I use one of the macros.

Have any of you been through this?

If so, I would love to hear from you.

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You will need to add the "key up" in order for the key to stop.


If you want the G key to be "held" once pressed, you will need to add a delay between the keypress.


it may be best to use the MR button as this will do it automatically.

MR button > G-KEY > Keypress >MR button > Manage Profiles > Save to K40 > enable hardware playback.



Down LAlt


Down .


Up LAlt


Up .

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Any ideas on how to use a G key to launch a program while using hardware playback?

If I have hardware playback checked, G3 won't launch a script to put the PC to sleep.

If I leave it unchecked, I get weird key presses that won't go away (as mentioned above).

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Unfortunately, launching a program via hardware playback will not work.


You might be able to assign the G-KEY to a function key and use something like AutoHotKey to launch the program when the function key (G-KEY) is pressed.

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