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Corsair Link RGB h115i?


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Hi sorry if this has asked before but i am about to make a few purchases from Corsair...


I have a H115i AIO in the post on its way to me, i want RGB lighting in my case, i read that it has Corsair Link built in.... so other than some Corsair RGB LED strips, what else do i need? its hard to find good information on this and it is never clear to someone who has no experience with these things.


Someone told me on another forum you HAVE to buy a corsair commander or you will not be able to have RGB lighting, is this correct? i don't really want to shell out more money again.


How many devices can you hook up to the built in Corsair Link?

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Also how many strips will i need for my Corsair Carbide 400c? i have 2 white leds in here at the moment, 5050 chinese ones and they are almost to bright, im not sure if the Corsair ones will be as bright? so would i need a pack of 2 or 4 (depending on if i have to buy the commander thing, if so i wont bother)
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It's right. You need a Commander Mini or a Lighting Node, but the last can't buy anymore at corsair.

The Commander mini can control one color and the node can control two. So if you buy an mini you have for all strips the same color.


I use four strips and have a brighted Corsair Graphite 780T. Through all holes and window there is brightness for ~1m until ~1.5m. You can fit the strips as you want in your case so there is no maximum. :D


Commander mini give you 2A for all strips. Each strip with 9 led, which you can cut for three-little strips with each three leds, use .18A. So there is a maximum of 11 strips (1.98A), but it's safer not to use more then 10 strips.


btw: there is an edit function ;)

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