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Mounting hole spacings for the H110i GTX


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Can anyone supply a CADsheet or true tech data sheet showing the dimensions and spacings for mounting holes on the H110i GTX rad?


I can't find any details on the Corsair site, downloads or support, it shouldn't be this hard should it?

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No issues with installation YET, I'm looking at getting a H110i for my Carbide Air240 but find conflicting information.


This post

The H110 is not compatible with the Air 240. The Air 240 only supports 120mm/240mm coolers.
indicates it will not fit.


This post http://www.corsair.com/en-au/blog/2015/april/corsair-hydro-series-cpu-cooler-decoder-ring-and-case-compatibility-chart indicates it will fit. Check the attached screen capture.


No explanation on 'It only supports 120mm/240mm coolers in the front but could be modified to fit a 140mm/280mm cooler along the expansion slot side' or such.


If I could just get mounting hole spacings and dimensions then I could measure my Air 240 and confirm either way whether I can fit it in with a micro-ATX or I consider changing to a mini-ITX.


Why don't Corsair list any of the hole spacing information or provide a CADspec pdf? Is this information considered commercial-in-confidence, until customers buy a H110i and then measure the holes themselves? Why the secrecy?


Or am I just a corsair newbie that expects too much?


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