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PSU fan noise


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So, I used to think this was normal but now I'm not so sure... I can hear it very clearly when the PSU fan is set to 40%





But it makes this kind of clicking noise at 40% fan speed and it's pretty loud, I can hear it clearly from over 30 feet away



The PSU fan also clicks every 12 seconds in "default" mode which just started happening a few months ago... I started an RMA and they said the only way to fix it was to replace it, so I just never went with the RMA at the time... but I might do it


I put a box on top of the PSU intake vent which made it a little quieter and temps are still reasonable (40-45°C) and just have it at a fixed speed of 40%... because the click the PSU would make every 12 seconds in default mode was getting very annoying


I have the AX860i

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