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Genius mod to wired mouse.


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My mouse is Algernon. He is a genius. I used a doorstop thingie, that is a coiled spring, with a knob thingie on the end. Slit the knob, bend one hoop as a thing you can screw thru and retain the spring. My wrists are toast, so I made a slanted board, for ergonomics. So, a wireless mouse slides off and crashes to the floor. So, I thread the mouse wire thru the spring and mount the spring. So, when I yank on the mouse, it is soft, as there is a spring to soften the yank. The wire never gets twisted or bent. Nor tangled or harmed.


The threading is running it around the spring, as it inclines, or advances, or whatever. The USB dongle is too large to just slip thru.


I would do this VERY carefully to any mouse that doesn't have a cotton sheath, as a plastic one is more delicate.


It looks trick, it acts tame and it helps gaming. I literally could not go back to any other setup.


There is a VERY" pricey mouse pad with this system. This can be added to a pad, or like me, on a board. It is polished, so a good laser mouse is a must.

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