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Corsair K70 RGB keyboard. CUE does not recognize keyboard on start up.


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Hi all,

Im having trouble with my keyboard, ive had it for about a year now and im not sure when it started happening, but my keyboard doesn't change to my set colors on start up anymore. When i first turn the computer on, the keyboard is red and white, and should change to my lighting settings when the computer is fully booted, but it stays red and white. When I open the CUE the profiles tab is greyed out and will not let me change anything. I've been putting a bandaid over it by ending the CorsairHID.exe process and restarting CUE, but I dont think i want to do that anymore.


Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, using different ports, using one usb in 3.0 vs 2 usbs in 2.0. Some times it would work when i restarted it but then i would restart it again to make sure and it wouldnt work. I read that steam interferes with it at start up so i disabled my steam but it still doesnt work.


I've updated the firmware and software. Firmware is 2.04, Software is 1.16.42. I have "start on system startup" checked.


I've been researching this for a few hours now and im at a loss. Any suggestions?



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I've only had problem with this product, but from my experience the hardware is better than the software. Just set your default profile and save it to the device memory in CUE, then either uninstall CUE or untick "start on system startup" option.


Keyboard will switch to your lights profile on boot and you don't need to use the buggy software anymore.


This "kinda" works for me, I still need to hit the space bar when windows have fully booted, until then the keyboard cycles through the light profiles that came from the factory.

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