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Firmware upgrade woes


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I got notifications to upgrade firmware for both my Sabre RGB mouse and K70 RGB keyboard. I upgraded both of them (the mouse to 2.02, and the keyboard to 2.04), and now the show as "malfunction" and "incompatible" in CUE.




Where can I download firmware files so that I can manually attempt to re-install (or downgrade) them? Bonus: why didn't the upgrades work in the first place?

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Even worse for me. :mad:


After update both my k70 rgb and m65 rgb, both bought a week ago stoppped working.


It is not a hardware issue. When windows is booting they light up.


Mouse seem to work on USB2.0, but i didn;t pay all that money to have that gear connected to front panel USB.


I even tried reinstalling USB driver. it helped. Until CUE was loaded. thet it all died again.


Unplugging and plugging in again gives no effect.


Beware! Do not install latest Firmware update!!!!


Yes! I would also like to get downgrade files.




Haha, funny enough I just gave up on razer, because I was annoyed by its software.

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