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Add 2nd GB to Asus P4C800-E DLX ?


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I have an Asus P4C800-E DLX (i875P) with a pair of Corsair XMS CMX-512 3500C2PT modules installed for a total of 1GB of RAM.


Is it possible to add a second pair of 512MB modules to these to bring the total up to 2 GB of useable memory? If so, which P/N is the best match for what I already own. It looks like the PC3500 series has been halted in favor of faster modules.


I know there are some bank & row limitations with running 4 total sticks of DDR.


I'd prefer to not scrap the 3500's I already have, etc.


I do not overclock, and prefer very low latency over high FSB for my own stability & peace of mind reasons.


Precise PCB version & BIOS levels are available upon request.


Thanks for all responses in advance.

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combining any other memory with that would only loosen the latency timings, and even if they were 3500s, they'd stil have to be loosened, partially because they aren't tested 4 at a time, but also because of the memory controller being maxed out by running all 4 sticks.
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I pretty much assumed that I would not be able to hold as low a latency configuration with more sticks.


But I was hoping for some solutions & suggestions.


Am I better off selling my pair of 512MB PC3500's and buying a pair of 1GB modules?

That's a fair sum of dough, but thats why I'm asking if there is a more cost effective way to the goal of adding a second GB of RAM.



Thanks again,



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I would keep what you have as they would run as well as our XL modules now and if you go to 2.0 Gig of memory you would need to find another set exactly like what you have now or replace them with Twinx2048-3200C2 for best performance!

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