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CUE not launching again and again


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Hi people!


My first post here on the forum:)


I currently have the corsair scimitar rgb, and its the best mouse i've ever used, and the buttons and the software are a gift from the gods for mmo's.

After the first week, CUE just did its job and worked perfectly, then game a windows update and suddenly it just doesn't launch, neither at start nor at running as admin. At first thought i thought it was the fault of the windows update. I saw a post on reddit which suggested a clean install, removing all files associated with corsair and reinstalling. Thank god this worked. Then later, it happened again after a windows update. Then tried the same thing and it worked again! Now i just started my laptop and with no update done, it suddenly doesnt launch again:( I love the mouse and the ease of use of the software and its amazing, but i dont enjoy re-creating my profiles over and over again.


Are there other people with this problem or people that are able to help me or explain what is happening? I would be very thankful!:)


Im running a lenovo g500s with a core i7, windows 8.1


Thanks in advance.

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