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RM1000 Power Supply Defective? Please help


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Im using a Corsair RM1000 power supply for my mining rig, which used to work fine. But now the thing won't start up any more.


I use a 580w psu to power the mainboard, and the 1000w to power a few GPU's.


Windows stopped recognizing the GPU's, and after a while I found out the 1000w psu isn't working any more. The psu is looped because it is not attached to the mainboard at all. So I tried disconnecting all the cables, except for the looped mainboard cable. Nothing. I then tried to add the HD power cable, to put some load on the PSU. Still nothing. I don't hear the HD doing anything.


So I went to the local hardware store with it, and the guy hooked it up to some testing device, and he said the LED's on the device all went green so it should be OK.


What do i do ??

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