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Strafe RGB MX Silent -Textured Keycaps


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I submitted a support ticket back on 4/8. It is Ticket Number 6762785. I have yet to hear anything back in the way of a response. It is a bit frustrating. How long does it usually take for a support ticket to be responded to?


The problem is that my Strafe RGB MX Silent is having a problem with one of the textured WASD keycaps. One key, the D key, looks like it is wearing out. It is like there is a coating that is wearing off. It is getting hard to read. I originally thought I had gotten something on the key - I may have - and tried to clean the key off.


I am posting here, on the forums, while I wait to hear back regarding my support ticket. The forums may give may end up getting me a quicker response.

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Just a follow up: I chatted with a customer service person via Live Chat on the 25th, which was a Monday. By the middle of the week I had alrerady received a new set of the textured keycaps I needed.


Glad to hear that you are being taken care of.

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