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Corsair RAM compatability


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I have an issue that I'm looking for some help with Corsair memory.


What I have currently:

- Gigabyte 7VRx v1.1 Mainboard [supports 3 modules of 1Gig RAM]

- AMD Athalon 1400+ processor

- Corsair XMS 512MB PC2700 RAM (If needed I can look up the serial number, I just don't want to turn my CPU off now while I'm posting)

- GF4 Ti4600 GPU


What I recieved for christmas:

- Corsair VS512MB333 RAM


The issue: I installed the second RAM module and once explorer (not IE) loads, the machine instantly reboots. Repeat ...


What I tried to do: Changed all the RAM BIOS settings to auto-detect.


1) XMS RAM first slot, new RAM second slot. Crash / Reboot.

2) XMS RAM first slot, new RAM third slot. Crash / Reboot.

3) ONLY new RAM in first slot. Crash / Reboot.


Bad RAM or ???


Thanks for the help,



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Please try and set the Dim Over voltage control to +.2 volts and I would install the modules in slots 1-3 and set the timings mnaually to Cass 2.5-3-3-7 and then test with http://www.memtest.org to be sure. But if you still have problems please test them one at a time.


Thank you for the response. While I have some knowledge in putting together computers, your recommendations really kind of flew over my head.


I'm assuming that chaing the Dim Over voltage is done manually using dip switches, but after pouring through the mainboard manual I see nothing that allows me that flexibility. Similarly, with the CAS settings the only flexibility I have on the CAS is to change it from 2 to 2.5 in the BIOS.


Is there some additional program or did I miss something really obvious in order to implement your recommendations?


Thanks in advance.

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At the main bios screen, hit CNTRL + F1 and you should see more options afterwards.


This is apparantly not something that is allowed on my computer. I can hit DEL and get into the different computer settings-- but I'm able to hit CNTRL+F1 or any other combination to take me to a screen that provides further options.


I have:

Ambios Simple Setup Utilities, V 1.241 by American Megatrends


The only option I see which takes me to another screen is by hitting F8- dual bios / q-flash (which I'm pretty sure that isn't where I want to be).


Any other advice on how to correct this.

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