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One chip at a time, works... two at a time, bust... [Problem solved]


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I bought a pack of 256mb 400mhz 184-pin Corsair DDR-DIMM modules just today, installed them in (the first two slots) of my Abit An7 motherboard, only to discover that the PC would not go past the boot screen, or even grant me access to the BIOS or POST screens.


I have tested using one chip at a time, which works fine, whichever one I use. But once the second chip is installed, the aforementioned problem rears it's head.


I have little knowledge of whether any related BIOS settings might be having an effect, but just in case that there is a correlation: Previously two 256mb 266mhz modules from different manufacturers were installed (and thus my motherboards dual-channel feature was not in use, I do surmise).


Any and all assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated.

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Weird. I restarted the PC (for I-have-no-idea-what-time) in a last-ditch attempt at having the problem work itself out, which it did.


It took a hell-of-a-lot of time going past that boot screen the first time, but now, judging from the faster boot time, speedier applications, and of course the info displayed at POST, it would seem that my memory is now in perfect order (even if the dual-channel feature isn't up and running. That wouldn't happen to be activated all by itself, would it?).


So no assistance is needed as of now.

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