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Corsair AX760I possibly faulty ?


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Ok so a few months ago i started having problems starting the pc when i pressed the power button the power button would light up and after 5 seconds power down the pc would then go into a loop doing this every 5 seconds . Once i removed the power cable from the power supply and all the leads from the psu and pressed the test button the psu would light up greem and the fan would spin up fine for 10 seconds .

Once all cables weree plugged back in the pc would boot fine and run for a few days with out any problems .

Fast forward to today i booted the pc up the loop started again so i did the steps above all seemed fine and the pc booted up to the bios page where i was met with a message saying the pc had a power surge issue on the last boot and to press F1 to continue . After going through the bios it all worked fine until i started to play a game . After 5mins of playing the pc shuit off and went into a loop again and on restart about power surge . Same steps followed above 5 mins later the pc shut off again same message on restart about power surge again . After that the pc has ran fine all day after that but no doubt after the pc's been switched off in the morning the issue will appear again .

So im a bitt lost with where to start is it the psu or could it be somet else thats causing the issue and is there any way to test whats going on ive tried stress testing cpu with no problems at all .

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