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Certain LEDs issue.


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So my keyboard is pretty new, it's a US layout Corsair K70 RGB bought october past year, barely gave it any use, clean it regularly, it's fully updated.


The Issue I'm having is that every now and then, misteriously certain keys of the keyboard and those keys only have a different color, with some colors is less noticeable and with some isn't.


With red color, certain keys (ESC, Q, A, Left Windows Key, Print Screen, 8 numpad key and the sound enable/disable key) turn green.


When it's a light purple, they turn white.


If I switch them off, wait a few seconds, and then turn them on, they switch back to the normal color, also, after a few minutes, they switch to their own color themselves. Also tried unplugging the whole keyboard and plugging it on different USB ports. (All USB 2.0 since in 3.0 the keyboard doesn't appear to work properly even when connected as the manual says).




Can someone help me or give me an idea of what's happening?.

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