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I kindly ask for help


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Memory stick should be compatible with my motherboard, but it just doesn't work.


Before I purchased Corsair memory stick, I first checked if specific memory stick is compatible with my motherboard. It clearly shows it is. However, after trying everything, my windows 7 64bit, wont start.


When trying to start my PC with only new memory stick I get blue screen of death. If I try adding new memory stick to existing ones, I can't even get to the blue screen of death, only black screen. I tried moving the stick to every possible memory slot. All combinations.


Bottom line is. If I start PC with only new memory stick which should be compatible with my motherboard, In BIOS I can see my motherboard recognizes memory stick, but when windows is about to launch I get Blue screen. If I add new memory stick to the existing ones I don't even reach Bios, I only get black screen.


My motherboard is Asrock P55M pro; and memory stick is Corsair DDR3, 4 GB; 1333mhz; CMV4GX3M1A1333C9


I kindly ask anyone for a suggestion. My idea after reading a lot of stuff on internet about it is that specific motherboard maybe has problems with recognizing high density memory sticks. BUT I am confused, why does Corsair site says stick IS compatible with my motherboard.


Thank you in advance for your help, I am really stuck here.

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If the system actually starts with the new stick, then it is probably just an issue with the memory settings in the BIOS. Mixing memory of recent production with very old modules is likely to not work, because the difference in memory density causes all sorts of issues, not only with sub-timings.


Did you clear the CMOS after installing the new memory?

What stop code did you get with your BSOD?

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I am very grateful for your reply.


If I leave only the new memory stick, I pass bios and the moment windows are about to start loading, I get BSOD.


So far I did not clear CMOS, need first to browse how to do it :/ Will do it later today. Some people also suggest enabling XMP profile, but so far I just can't find bloody thing in my Bios, motherboard should support that option.


The codes I get with BSOD: 0x000000c2, after second try, 0x0000004e and third try I got 7e.


EDIT: Just cleared CMOS, same story. Memory is recognized in bios, windows about to start loading - BSOD

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I might be wrong but i don't think your CMV4GX3M1A1333C9 has an XMP, since its specs basically match the JEDEC standard for DDR3-1333.


If it was a density issue, your system would not start at all with the new module and just keep power recycling / beeping without ever completing the POST.


4E and 7E actually do hint in the direction of a memory problem, so maybe test the module for errors (e.g. with memtest86+).

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