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is there any connection between USB 3/2 ports and Key Chatter?


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Recently (yesterday) I've received a replacement for my K70 [non RGB] due to key chatter. (Thanks Corsair James for helping me out once again.) And because it wasn't the first replacement I went searching for the cause of the problem.


results: It seems that all information regarding Cherry MX keys and key chattering is quite diverse, and not always very consistent. But what caught especially my attention was the info about the firmware update.


When it comes to changes, this fresh release includes support for a new High Power mode setting and adds a USB command to the factory test program in order to improve the “USB report rate” speed.


However, since the USB 2.0 maximum power (500mA) isn’t enough for the newly-added mode, it is recommended that the High Power mode be used only along with USB 3.0 ports that can deliver up to 900mA, which is more than sufficient.




However, when using the USB3 connection the USB pass through kabel should not be connected, and it is kinda unclear if that will render the USB pass through useless or not.


Connecting via USB 3.0

Use one connector (the one with the keyboard icon) when connecting via USB 3.0


Connecting via USB 2.0

Use both connectors when using USB 2.0. Important Note: Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.


At this moment I'm using USB2 without having updated the firmware, with the thought in mind "When you don't encounter any problems, don't update your firmware/BIOS." And since the firmware update for the K70 doesn't add any performance accept from a “USB report rate speed", updating the firmware shouldn't really be necessary. Unless there is something significantly wrong with the 'old' USB report rate speed.


I also read something about using the Intel USB3 drivers instead of Asmedia drivers for USB3. But using a Crosshair V Formula which comes with a ASMedia USB 3.0 controller and a AMD SB950 controller for the USB2 ports leaves me no choice than to use whatever my motherboard provides.



Anyway.. since a lot of information about the cause for key chatter isn't really clear, I'd like to know is


In what degree could USB ports have influence on key chatter?


My second question is: If the use of the USB3 ports render the pass through useless, or is the second cable just not needed anymore in High Speed Mode for using the USB pass through on the keyboard?


Third and last question: When I do not enable the High Speed Mode if I'd update the firmware, shoudl I still only be using one USB3 connection?

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Your second quote is meant for the K70 RGB version which requires more power due to the RGB leds, additionally it doesn't have a USB pass through.



Back to your questions:


1) No, key chatter is not influenced by the USB port. Key chatter is an issue at the hardware level where the cherry mx switch itself fails. This is a mechanical failure and not an electric/power one.


2) No. On the legacy K70 non-RGB 1 cable is used to power the keyboard and the other cable is used to make the USB pass through work. The USB pass through is 2.0 so it will always use that no matter which port you use to plug in the cable.


3) As mentioned above (#2) you still need to use both cables. And ignore the firmware update, there is NO NEED at all to do it. That firmware available on the Corsair website is 3+ years old at this point, all keyboards have been shipping with it by default for a long time now.

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okay..thank you for your reply. I just wanted to be sure there wasn't anything I might have overlooked, because this is not my first replacement keyboard. In fact it's already my fourth or fifth K70 due to key chatter, if I'm not mistaken. Speaking of having some bad luck. Yet I still believe that one can even run out of bad luck. (knocks on wood)
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