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Corsair SSD X32 crashes ? any RMA possible ?


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Dear All,

I purchased a Corsair SSD X32 on 26-nov-2009, that is of course some time ago, because of the Corsair reputation and quality of products.

This SSD was installed in my second laptop, running Win7 and working fine until last week, where it seems to crashes.

I did the following :

- went into the bios, but no SSD recognized there

- I launched a G-parted system via USB key, and no SSD to be mounted nor recognized as well.

- I tried to plug it as second drive on my first and principal laptop, still not recognized


As I said, this second laptop was used 2 times a week since 2009.

My concern is that some other 'standard' HDD running on 5400 rpm that are almost 10 years old are still running perfectly.

I bought this SSD in 2009 to be sure that no mechanical issue will come, and then I'm really disapointed that such a product of such a company is crashing...


Is there any way to get any RMA for this product, even if bought in 2009 ?

Of course, I can provide the invoice if needed.


Thank you for your help to get my SSD working back.


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What a shame !


Is there any way for me to get back some files on it ? Is it a known problem on such SSD ?


I'll purchase a Kingston now, as I'm really disapointed that a Corsair product is crashing before any mechanical drive that was installed the same day in my laptop (in fact, the additionnal mechanical HDD was already the initial HDD of my laptop, that was from 2005 and is still running !)

I remember that one of the reason Corsair was mmenionning at the time I bought the SDD was that because of SSD, we can avoid any mechanical issue...

Well, no comment.


Thank you by thew way for your reply, Technoboard.

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Thanks, Toasted.


What do you mean by 'USB HD dock' ?? I tried a USB G-Parted key that is launching a Linux environment, and then with some integrated tool, I was not able to detect the drive...


Is this something else that you're talking about ?

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