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Corsair AX860i Broken


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I am new to RMAing and all customer service seems to be closed for the past hour(s?) so figured I'd try asking here.


My PSU died this morning and it fails its power self-test with a clicking sound. Replacing it with a different PSU fixed it, so it is pretty obvious the PSU is the issue.



So for my questions if anyone knows:


1) What the limited FAQ seemed to imply is that I have to pay for the shipping of the failed product back to them? That seems kind of ridiculous, so I hope this is not true?


2) In case it is true, I couldn't seem to find a shipping cost estimate anywhere while making an RMA ticket - where would I find this? If the shipping cost + shipping insurance ends up being half the product cost, what's the point... I have had cheap PSUs that have lasted twice as long as this supposed premium product.


3) Does Express RMA cost more in any way? It does not indicate it on the website and I really need my computer back up and running ASAP.



In the event I really do have to pay for shipping, is there a way to get the money back after they have received the defective product? It is ridiculous I would have to pay for it on a product that failed in 2 years when it has a 10 year warranty.


Thanks for reading and any help.

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