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STRAFE issues with USB pass through?


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Basically when I plug anything in to the USB port on my keyboard my keyboard lights will lag a little bit and the indicator lights for caps,num lock, and scroll lock will get stuck on or off whatever they happen to be at the time of this happening. Also I will get this weird mouse lag where my cursor will slow down to a crawl for maybe 5-10 seconds and then warp across my screen.


after this happens every time I open mumble specifically my mouse cursor will slow to a crawl again and again warp across my screen. Then when I get in mumble my keyboard wont recognize any key presses at all from about 30-60 seconds then it fixes itself. it happens again usually once or twice more during the day again for 30-60 seconds.


This only happens when I plug something in to the USB port of the keyboard. This all fixes itself too if I restart my computer.


So I dont know if there is a power distribution issue with the keyboard or maybe its something with my motherboard? I have no clue but if anyone has anything I could try to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

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