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Corsair gs700 irritating buzzing


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This is my first post, so... HI GUYS!!! (and gals)


anyway, i have a corsair GS700 as the title says it has this irritating habbit of "buzzing" when the fan isn't spinning. It almost seems to me that when it ISN'T spinning, the buzzing is coming from the fan TRYING to spin...




I took a video to show, sorry if the sound is a bit low. But does anyone have ANY idea what might be causing this and if it is fixable without buying a new PSU? Thank you

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It's about 4 years old. I'm not sure what the Zero RPM mode is, but in the Bios it has a "smart fan" option, and if that is turned off, it runs at 100% all the time and that's just obnoxiously loud.


Zero RPM mode stops the fan at low loads to make it quieter


But the fan does not appear to be working properly in the video


Unfortunately if it has been four years then the warranty is void


The warranty is three years for that power supply

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