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Corsair Void Wireless Headset Sound Cutting Out Frequently


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Hey all,


Posting this for a friend - I don't have all the specs on his laptop, but I know it's currently running Windows 10 (upgraded from Win 8.1). He has the latest CUE software as well.


Sometimes, the headset works fine, but this morning (for instance) and at various other points, the sound was cutting out every few minutes. The only program he had open at the type was Skype, which we were using to communicate.


We would be talking and then suddenly I couldn't hear him but he could hear me. He would try re-pairing the headset, switching to a different USB port, updating the firmware, and various combinations of those things. Usually after doing that once or twice (not that he should have to at all imho), it's stable for awhile. Today, however, it would be fine for 2-5 minutes at which point either his sound stopped transmitting or the headset stopped transmitting/receiving sound completely.


This is very frustrating as it's difficult to hold a conversation when you know either all sound or part of the sound will be cutting out multiple times.


I've searched for answers here and online in general, but haven't found a solution that seems to actually work. The switching usb ports, re-pairing, or re-updating firmware (which is already up-to-date) seem to be temporary fixes which don't actually fix the problem.


I will note there there have sometimes been hours or possibly even a day or two between this issue occurring. In those periods, his laptop may be restarted or put in sleep mode at various points, but it will still be okay. Then (seemingly randomly) these issues pop up again - either once or twice and then it's okay for awhile or it simply happens repeatedly to the point of complete frustration. I've not found a pattern as to when or why this might happen.


I think I saw someone mention just stopping the CUE software altogether and it might work, but I would think there has to be some other solution...or perhaps Corsair need to fix CUE and release an update?


Any suggestions?

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I would suggest you try it without CUE running and see if the issue comes back.


There is a known issue with the VOID Wireless headset failing to reconnect when connection is weak. Unfortunately, i don't have an ETA on when the fix will be released.

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