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Counterfeit / regional Corsair Force LE?


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Hay guys, I am seeing for sale on many popular online stores in Brazil the model Corsair Force LE Series 120GB CSSD-F120GBLEB.


Strange, because Corsair's official site does not have a 120GB Corsair LE.


One of the stores has listed the product with both LE and LS (makes more sense), but several other stores are apparently selling a Corsair LE, with a photo of a Corsair LE. And I can't find any Corsair SSD with the code "CSSD-F120GBLEB".


I know for personal experience that Corsair is not very keen on displaying extensive data about their products (unfortunately very few sites do), but I am confused.


Is there a counterfeit Corsair LE going round or this is a regional version made in Latin America or something like that? Or perhaps several stores decided to copy one another and display the wrong info? It could happen, but some of them are supposedly run by people who know what they are doing.


I appreciate any feedback,

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