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Num Lock on Cold Boot (+ CUE freezes)


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Is it normal for the numeric keypad to not work on a cold boot?

The enter key works but not the actual numbers. It's a pain with the win 10 pin password thing.

If I reboot the computer I can use the keypad to enter the pin, but not after the computer is turned off for a few hours.


Also CUE crashes sometimes, randomly it seems. I use the macros for my CAD and if I have to restart the computer to get it going again it's not really worth the increase in productivity I get from macro key combinations.

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I have the same issue;


When I boot my PC the NUM Lock seems to randomly be on or off. There is no pattern to it but if it is off it will stay off for several boots, over 20, and if it's on it will stay on for several boots as well. Totally random. I am using the Corsair K70 PC specs below,


Asus Sabertooth X99

intel i7 5930K

32GB Corsair DDR4 @3000

Samsung 512GB 950 Pro M.2 NVMe

SeaSonic X-1250, 1250 Watt PSU

2X Sapphire 390X TriX GPU

Corsair K70 red Cherry MX

Window 10 Pro


I've tried everything, NUM Lock on boot is set to on in BIOS. I've reset BIOS at least three times. I've edited the registry under HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard and set InitialKeyboardIndicators to 2147483650 this seemed to work but after several boots again it went to off (there was another number I tried but that never worked).

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