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Scimitar Button Holds


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So I have played League of Legends for years and have always use quick cast on my items with a razer naga. I have upgraded to the corsair scimitar and cannot for the lif of me figure out how to set up the number keys to register a button press when press and a release when released. Any help would be so appreciated.
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Hi GothamBorn, love that name...


I apologize in advance for I do not play LoL.


But I looked it up and learned about it on the LoLwiki.


So basically we just want to bind a key to the scimitar side-button.


Having learned that, quickcast with vector-based skills will be aimed at the direction your hero is facing. If you hold it down, you can define your own vector. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)


To achieve that result, I believe its best to define a quickcast skill to a keyboard button that you aren't using for example numpad 5, then remap the scimitar to that button as "Typing Key > Numeric Keypad > Keypad 5".


This way if you need to hold the quick cast skill on your scimitar it will register it as being held so you can designate a vector point if needed.

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Depending on how you assigned the macro or the button remap, it will register the "down" and "up" events.


So when I remapped the Scimitar button #7 to keypad 5. I tested the holding feature in EK switch hitter and confirmed it will register as a hold instead of a immediate "down-up" press.


So again, when you assign the button assignments in CUE for the Scimitar, you need to select "Remap key/button" and key/button of your choice.

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