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Getting VR Ready - Vive, Oculus, PlaystationVR

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Which VR Headset do you want?  

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  1. 1. Which VR Headset do you want?

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Anyone here excited for or already using these devices?








I'm late to the scene but placed an order for a Vive and quite excited for it.


Looking forward to where Steam will develop their theater mode. Dota2 Theater mode was impressive.


Despite my exposure to trade shows, I've NEVER put one on before.


For those of you already playing around with it or developing for it, what are you excited about seeing in the future?


Also, Corsair VR anyone? #Kappa

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I'm waiting for more games to support VR and the technology to become better/cheaper.

It's hard to not jump on board right now. VR looks like a game-changer (maybe even life-changer), and I can't wait for it to be mainstream!


Just thinking about potential applications for VR beyond gaming gets me excited to see how this technology is adopted.

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