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Corsair 750d front clips broke


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Hi guys/gals I could do with your expert advise I just brought a new corsair 750d air and although its new I purchased it second hand! When it arrived I unpacked it and heard something rattling inside,so had a quick look about and found 3 little plastic clips off the front panel. Can the front plastic panel be brought? I'm gutted now as I like things perfect :(:. here is a picture



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You can submit a ticket for a replacement on our support website at https://corsair.secure.force.com. Please make sure you attach a copy of your receipt to your ticket so that we may verify and honor the warranty. Our Tech Support will then review your ticket and give you feedbacks within 1-2 business days.


Hi I can't do that as I brought the case second hand 😳

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A replacement front fascia can be purchased via Corsair's webstore.



Airflow panel (If that is damaged as well)



Thanks mate brought one and also a new window side panel as I split acetone on it trying to fix it 😳 turning out to be a cursed build.lol

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