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Modelled case suggestion: The Air 360


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I love watercooled (silent) PC's that are small. I loved your Air 240 but I wanted more rads without increasing the foot print. So here's what I came up with: The 'Air 360' - a wonderful complement to your line-up (hint,hint) :biggrin: Attached are some CAD pictures (was using OpenSCAD to get all the dimensions correct)..


Dimensions: 400x220x420mm (HxWxD minus feet) - 37 liters

Motherboard: ATX, mATX, ITX

Slots: 7

PSU Clearance: 18cm (16cm recommended)

GPU Clearance: 41cm / wide cards

Radiator Top: 280, at least 70mm clearance incl fans

Radiator Bottom: 360 / 280 (clearance for mATX: 55mm+ with slots 6+7 unused)

Radiator Front: 140

Radiator Back: 120

Fans Front: 2 x 120 - 1x140 with 360 Rad installed

Fans Back: 1 x 120

4 SSD Mounts (on bracket - not rendered)

1 HDD (bracket - not rendered)


So it's a very compact ATX case that will still fit anyone's desk. It supports a very decent 280 rad (H110/H115), and in mATX it supports a 360+280 Rad or 2x280s.. for which there's little competition - in relation to the footprint. I think it could even support a 280 + 240 or 280+360 with ATX.


Notes: It still needs a solution to make the PSU vents look good... couldn't think of something. The poweroutlet is on the bottom rear. The radiator clearance spaces have been coloured in (grey).




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