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H2100 2.4Ghz wireless interference


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I have a route to my left that cannot be moved, then my H2100 adapter in front of me, and devices in a room to the right that will only work on 2.4Ghz wireless.


The problem is, my headset adapter seems persistent on transmitting on the same channel as my router (ASUS AC66U with 3x 9dBi antennas), regardless of how often I fix this, it just happens again after a restart or sometimes even a short time later it seems.


It wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't make our 2.4Ghz network run at around 2 megabit downstream instead of the 45-50 most devices in the other room should be capable of, this problem has caused endless trouble with the NowTV box my parents use.


Just to clarify, I know the difference between LAN speeds and WAN speeds, I've seen my LAN speeds over 5Ghz and over 2.4Ghz when it's cleared, I'm not getting confused here.


I really hope someone has some idea how to solve this, or at least some idea on how to stop the H2100 being a pain and hopping to the same channel as the router.


What do? :)

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