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Corsair 400Q with H115i - Best cooling setup?

Mr Tee

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Hi All,


I'm looking at getting a new build and the case i'm looking at is the 400Q. I want to keep the top cover on for the sound deadening so i've only got front as intake and back as exhaust.


My plan is to put a H115i with dual fans (so fans sandwiching the radiator) upfront as intake, and my only option for exhaust is the rear 120mm fan. In your experience will this be a good setup? Will the exhaust be sufficient enough to remove the intake efficiently?


To give you a visual idea, i'm looking like below setup though without the top exhaust:


Happy to hear all recommendations.


Thank you!

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There would be a lot of variables involved in coming up with a straight answer to your question. A lot of it has to do with how much heat is generated by your other components in the case. Check out the other thread below as there are some users with the H110i GTX installed into the 400C/Q, but it looks like they all run top fans as well.



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If I'm reading this correctly, the OP wants to put 4 fans on the rad (presumably push/pull) only have 1 exhaust fan on the back and leave the top on for sound deadening? Surely any sound deadening would be outweighed by the noise from the extra fans? Would it not be better to use 2 fans on the rad in the front and one fan on the back as an exhaust? Or better still, put the rad on the top as an exhaust, 2 fans on the front as intake and manage the noise by controlling the fan speed? Of course all of this depends (as Nick says) on the heat produced by the rest of the components.
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