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Corsair M65RGB a few thoughts about CUE and the mice itself


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I just got my Corsair M65 RGB yesterday and i absolutely loved it when i tested it with other mouses such as Steelseries - Razer v.v... No doubt i love this mouse but i hope u can bring more functions and fix several things in your CUE software to enhance the experience for your future customers. Here is the list that i want u guys to take a look a bit and fix or add more features.


1. Switch button on keyboard for switching between many program. As example: When i'm using Photoshop Custom Keybind during work but i want to switch to Chrome Custom Keybind or Battlefield 4 keybinds. I don't wanna waste my time to open the software and change between profiles by hands =_=. If i want to switch between profiles i just wanna press the fixed keybind that i have set up b4 such as: Alt+F1 for Photoshop,Alt+F2 for Chrome or Alt+F3 for Battlefield 4


2. The UI of the software looks old fashion and too chaos imo. Not to mention it's too hard for first time customer use your product to get used to the program. Even there is no guide or tutorial book when i open the box. When i look steelseries rival software it looks so clean and easy to use and it has better UI's look when i compare it with your software.


3. Add more custom keystrokes in your keystroke tab. For examples: The sniper key. i want to add more keystrokes for this key such as: Ctrl+Sniper, Alt+Sniper, Ctrl+Shift+Sniper, Ctrl+Alt+Sniper blah .... blah .... And i want the same thing on the others mouse buttons not only the sniper key.


Those things i mentioned above are still few. But I will find out more ideas to give it to u guys and make this mouse even better than b4 in the future. This is the first time i make a thread on a technology forum so sorry for my bad english. Hope u take ur time to read my thread. Thx :)

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Hi library210,


Welcome to the Forums and thank you for the suggestive feedback.


Let me take a moment to address your points:


1 - Windows can already perform this feature. You just need to assign the keybind to perform the action to the shortcut. So for example; I set my F9 key to shortcut > CorsairHID.exe. Now whenever I push F9, it'll refocus the CUE window for quick access.


2 - The UI can be a bit overwhelming and for that reason we did include a lengthy guide. We continually implement updates regularly and are always receptive to any constructive feedback from people.


3 - This has been suggested before and I'm pleased you're among the others who are also wanting this feature. The best example I can describe is to allow for modifiers to activate macros/custom commands. A = A, CTRL+A = Macro1, ALT+A = Macro2.

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