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Sabre rgb. Problem with mapping keys to the mouse


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So i have a sabre rgb optical mouse. I used to have a logitech one and i bound ctrl and shift to the side buttons. I did the same on the sabre through the corsair software but it doenst work.


I use it all the time to zoom into webpages easily. so i can hold the side button and scroll to zoom in and out and this isnt working. I tried googling the problem and i looked on the site but i didnt find anything that can help me.


What am i doing wrong

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The profile i have saved it in is the default and active profile.


I didnt really assign a "macro" but i mapped a keystroke. I have now tried to just map the button 'b' to the side mouse buttons but that doenst work either.


I have also checked firmware etc and all is up to date

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