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H100i - 5820k Temps are High?


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Hi, using this for 1 year and always around like this. Before using Coolermaster air cooling, when iddle (intel speed step enabled) was 27C - This one always around 35-40 when iddle. Under load 75-80C (I saw 83) Isn't it high for liquid cooler?


My friend bought h115i and asked it was 23C iddle. Load 50-55C. His processor from skylayke (may be 6700K)


I don't give extra voltage, automatic and highest 1,296 - iddle 0.8 V and 1200Mhz - When OC 4400Mhz - If I set fan speed %100 just 1-2C lower. Checked everything. I did apply Arctic Cooling MX-4. CPU fan header connected, Sata power connected. RPM looks around 2200. The cooler is not touching CPU as it should be? Or pump is not working, never heard something sound like pump. Never saw 26-27C when iddle...






Under Load - 1.30 min. later.



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At first glance it looks a bit warm, but without the room temperature there is no basis for comparison. Based on what I think are your motherboard and perhaps a drive temperature (35 & 32C), my guess is it must be close to 27-28C in your room. The other possibility would be higher than expected internal case temperatures from something else.


You can't compare Haswell-E to Skylake temperatures. There are too many physical differences beyond the obvious 2 extra cores and 140 TPD. However, I do have a 5820k and a H110. I have a slight cooling advantage, but that is something that can be adjusted for. An adaptive voltage of 1.275v and 4.4 GHZ will give me a VID of 1.296 under constant 100% load, just like yours. Idle is in the low 20's and my two hot cores (#3 and 5) got up to 63C in a short AIDA run, with the other 4 noticeably lower as is typical for a 5820k. However, it is cold this morning my room temp is only 16C. Your temperatures look like what I would get if I ran it on a warm summer afternoon when it gets into the upper 20's inside. Typically, your idle temperature will be 5-9C over the room temperature (with SpeedStep or other voltage step down active). But again, room temperature is the largest determining factor for idle temperature. Adding in another 10-12C to my idle would take into the low to mid 30's. The same with the load temperatures. Adjusted for 27C ambient, my AIDA run would be be the mid-70's with the larger cooler that might account for an additional 4-5C. One other difference might be our cache overclocks. I am running a 4.0 cache with 1.19v. Your ring voltage is much higher, so you likely are running 4.0+ as well. However, the cache voltage does impact your CPU temps and I know I can cut at least 5C off my peak temps but dropping that voltage. If you feel you are running too high, you might be able to drop your cache overclock slightly without sacrificing much performance and getting back down into your temperature comfort zone.


It's pretty hard to get the contact wrong on 2011-3 since there is no aftermarket backplate and you can just screw it down. A bad TIM application would probably give you very jumpy and erratic temperatures at idle and load. So at this point, I need to know your room temperature when you ran the test to see what to do next. If you come back and tell me it was 16C, then we'll need to look at some more things.


Is there something else in the system that might produce a lot of heat? 980 Ti?

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Here is an update;


I did clear radiator - checked and so much dust was on it. Also I did apply Noctua NT-H1 (it's really great thermal paste)


now when power balanced mode 30-31C


And after 12 min underload




and played game around 1 hour - never go over 67C


13C is lower when underload.

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