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H100i fans full speed all the time


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I built a new pc today and installed the h100i for my cpu, I plugged the fans directly into the motherboard as the cables I got with it didn't seem to fit anywhere for some strange reason.

But since I turned on the pc everythings working fine except the fans are running full speed all the time and I cant adjust them or get them to turn down low, cpu temp is fine. the rpm of the 2 fans is around 2400 all the time, its soo loud and I'm afraid it will break the cooler or worse.

Can someone please help?

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The coolers often come with tiny plastic end caps to protect the pins. This often throws people with what appears to be a female to female connection point. If it's something else, you may need to be more specific.


You won't break anything running at 2400 rpm, but it is beyond annoying. The included fans are PWM 4 pin. You should have no trouble controlling them from an Asus Z170. In the BIOS at the bottom of the "E-Z view page", there is a control box labeled Q-fan. Select it and then make sure whatever header the grey SP120L fans are connected to is set for PWM control. The color scheme Asus chose is not intuitive, but if you're not sure whether DC or PWM is active, the pre-programmed curves (Standard. Turbo, etc) will have a much lower initial baseline on the PWM setting.


If you are running AI suite there will be an additional step. When you get back to the desktop, open the AI Suite control panel, go to the Fan Xpert section, and select "Fan Tuning". This will put all the fans through a RPM range test. Once finished you can tailor the speeds to your liking fairly easily.

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