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H100i GTX fan RPM 0 on CL


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Sorry if this was previously posted but I didn't find any threads with my same issue.

How my fans are connected: the 2 cables coming from the fans are connected to each other and then into the Cooler block then out of the block into the CPU_OPT of the mobo.


problem: in the Corsair link, it views my fan speed at 0 RPM yet I can see it spinning.


more info: cooler temp is reading, pump rpm is reading, the fans are responding to whatever I change within the CL, I can hear them spin fast when I set them to max speed etc .. I just can't figure this thing out, thanks in advance and note that I seeked help for building my pc, so use the nooby language in this thread if you can :)

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You will want to make sure the CPU_OPT is set to run at maximum speed or disable fan control from the UEFI or the motherboard application software.


Most of this information can be found in the motherboard's user manual or a video tutorials.


e.g. 16m 53s



set it in the bios to full speed and, now it reads around 1200 rpm in default mode, more than 2500 at max, and the pump rpm is now 1800 rpm ?!?! it used to be around 600 ? wtf? or was it badly functioning at first? i just found online that 600 rpm is like a dead pump.. was the reading false?

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If i recall correctly, the Asetek coolers report the fan speed rather than the pump speed.


You will want to install the LINK software or a third party program e.g. SIV (System Information Viewer by red-ray) and connect the USB data cable and see what the pump speed is running at.

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