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Need help with Corsair H60


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I'm in the need of help right now.


I recently purchased parts for my new gaming pc (gtx970, i7 6700k) and I purchased a liquid cooler with it (I don't want to overclock it, just want it to be cool.) I think the cooler isn't working right now. The cooler is the Corsair H60. The motherboard I'm using is MSI Z170a Gaming M5. The fan connected to the cooler does work, but I think the pump itself isn't working.

I already disabled the motherboard's 'smart' function, and I set both (fan & pump) to 100%. The fan is connected to the MB with a 4-pin connector, the cooler is connected with a 3-pin connector. The temperatures are way too high, and my pc is just idle. Also, the pump shows 0rpms instead of 2000-4000rpms what other people have. Is it possible that I have a faulty pump? Also, I already tried replugging it (and switching ports).


Temperatures while idle (Celsius):


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