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Corsair H60 problem


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Hi All!

First of all, sorry for my english, it isn't my native language, but i hope it's understandable enough to get what i want to describe here.

I have a little problem with my recently purchased Corsair H60:

Right after i installed the cooler and turned on my PC, it constantly emits a loud mechanical noise (see attachment, high pitched noise is what i belive the pump, the low pitched rattling is my HDD). Yo may think that this noise is not so loud, but belive me, it's annoying, and can be heard from a 4-5 m distance too.

I'm assembling computers for myself and my friends since the late 90's, and i know how to install a cooler or any kind of hardware, although this is my first closed loop water cooler.

After all that information i gathered from the forums, the user manuals and the videos on the web, is there somebody who encountered the same problem, or possibly have a solution?

Thank you for any kind of help!

Corsair H60.zip

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After i continued researching, i found out that the noise of the pump peaks at ~560 Hz. Considering the RPM and the fact that it's a pump, the noise should be the overtone of the vibration of the block itself, caused by the rotation of the impeller. Without the proper dampening of the holding screws, the vibration can influence the MB, and the whole case, amplifying the noise in a wider frequency spectrum.

Fortunately, the HDD bay of my Node 304 came with preinstalled dampeners, and they were revealed to be totaly compatible with the H60 block's standoffs.

Did the noise disappear? No, but it's less audible, like half of the original, and more narrow in frequency.

What is supprised me is the significant improvement in performance. Now it's 4-5 °C cooler than before. Thank you HDD dampeners.

Conclusion: it helped a bit, but the ultimate solution is maybe a 5-10% less voltage for the pump.

I'll find it out.

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You need to exchange or RMA the unit. A small number of pumps have this issue straight from the assembly line. It's not supposed to make the noise. Undervolting the pump can make it tolerable in the meantime, but it is not a permanent solution. Over time, you will have to reduce the voltage more and more as the problem follows you. You also further reduce the lifespan of the pump by cutting the voltage. Having been through this with a H110, I would suggest you not wait too long and exchange the unit. I spent most of year trying various methods of literal mass dampening -- weighted hose insulators, panel liners, etc. I never could quite beat it. The replacement is inaudible, even with my ear against the window. That is how it's supposed to be.
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