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Bad Ram


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I have a stick of CMX256 A-2700C2PT (XMS2702v1.3) memory, I was running it with another stick of CMX256 A-2700C2 (XMS2700v1.1) and would have random freezes. I also have a stick of CMX512-3200C2PT V1.2 CL2 in another machine.

They would all seem to get through a test or two on Memtest, however the V1.3 run in tandem with 1.1 would halt in Prime95 within a minute. I could run the latter tow sticks individually (Prime95) and be fine except for the v1.3 stick. This leads me to the conclusion that it is a bad stick.

MSI KT4 Ultra

Settings by SPD, also tried the ones from the Data Sheet.

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