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RM650X question please.


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Hi about a month ago, I posted an issue about me buying a new RM650X, the night it was installed everything worked ok, I had less than an hour to test it. The next morning something burned out, at first I thought it was the new Psu it turned out to be the Pcb on my Gpu that burned out straight after post the next morning.


After a good few weeks of prying a replacment back from gigabyte they agreed to repair it, the thing I'm scared about is if all along it was a faulty rail and it would happen again, gigabyte would never replace it twice.


My dilema is, I'm not sure how many rails are inside, my gpu takes a 8+6 pin, since all the wires are black the paper clip trick won't work, and the psu testers only support a 6 pin, so far I've been running the psu for a few weeks on the onboard. I've tested the 6pin on an old card and it worked okay, does the 6 and 8 pin share the same rail? It just seems a little too conincedental. Cheers

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