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I want new headphones!


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...but which one should I get?


I've now had my wireless Astro A50 for about 3 years, and I'm really satisfied with it. But I feel it's about time to change them out.

It has great sound, but the range sucks thou.


I really want one that's wireless since it's so convenient, but any input on which headphones you think is the best are also welcome :):


I like how the VOID looks, but I'm wondering about battery time on it since it's wireless. (Also wondering about the range. Not that it matters much, but the Afterglow I had before my Astro had so good range that I could even go get my mail (170ft away!!) without losing sound!)


My A50 can manage about 4-5 hours before I need to recharge it. (It did around 7 hours when it was new.) It also came with a 8ft cable if I remember correctly, so I rarely go out of power:biggrin:


And how is the sounds compared to the USB ones, Hybrid or even analog?

The one I use now is used for everything. Gaming, movies, voice recording, etc.

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