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Am I running dual channel?


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an Asus P4C800-E DELUXE motherboard with a 3.2E Pentium 4 processor. I also picked up two sticks of PC-3200C2PT 512MB ram. I put them both into the recommended slots for dual channel, and, when I boot up it says they are running at 400MHz "Dual-Channel, Linear Mode." But, why is it that Windows claims there is 1GB of ram available to Windows? In dual-channel mode, shouldn't it only be 512? I checked the Intel Chipset Platform Configuration Utility, and it also claimed I was running dual channel. Is it correct for windows to be reporting that 1GB of ram is available for use by applications?



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Welcome to the forums, nick5000!


Dual-channel memory architecture doesn't run like a RAID array. You will see your full 1Gb of memory when using two 512Mb modules. For a direct answer, YES, you're running dual channel & YES, it's running correctly.


Please read this explanaition of what dual-channel memory really is and does.




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