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H115i Only Shows One Fan on Radiator In Link Software


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Just got off the phone with Tech Support and Asked if the H115i shows only one Fan on radiator in the Link Software instead of 2 like the H110i GT/ GTX?


Can Anyone Verify this ?


Is Anyone Out There Using Push/Pull Configuration on There H115i ? I had to RMA My H110i GT because the Pump Quit.


Intel 5960X

Rampage V

32 Gig Dominator Ram 2666

Win 10 64 Bit Pro

Radeon Sapphire 390X

K95 RGB Keyboard

Razer Ouroborus Mouse

Bowers & Wikins MM-1 Speakers

Corsair AX1200i Power Supply

Corsair 900D Case


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Just Noticed and Updated My Specs There is No Entry For Keyboards or Mice. Now Days

Pretty Important. The Software Chances of Causing Conflicts.


MyBad for Posting Specs as I just Noticed The Drop Downs.

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